Hello world!

Hey, folks!  I know none of you know me or care to do so, and I don’t blame you at all.  I was gonna start by telling you a little about myself, but I think I’ll do that later.  My story ain’t that exciting, anyway. 

I’m not even sure yet what I’m going to write about.  My passions are music, writing, fitness, food and travel, although I’m not certain that’s the order.  I’m a lawyer, and you’ll notice that the law was not mentioned in the previous sentence. 

I guess I should write a little about my business. I’m the co-owner of Batch Brownies.  We make brownies, and nothing else. Before you begin to conclude that’s a rather limited menu, you should see our selection.  Check out the website and you’ll see some of the varieties. 

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  I’m really proud of myself for creating a hyperlink in the above paragraph.  I’m very easily impressed.  Even by myself.

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